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Rider Fernandez

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Rider Fernandez is a Peruvian artisan and designer who uses ancient techniques to create stunning pieces of jewelry that stand up for themselves.

Handmade Sterling Silver Tulip Earrings at Wuayra


$ 58.45

Sterling Silver Spondylus Drop Necklace at Wuayra

Spondylus Drop

$ 259.00

Out of stock
Silver Flower Heart at Wuayra

Flower Heart

$ 306.45 $ 179.00

Double Hearts sterling silver necklace at Wuayra

Double Heart

$ 185.00

Handmade Sterling Silver Flame Bracelet-It is the flame of the Sun that gives being of life to every man and woman. Excite the passion and power within you with our flame-inspired bracelet that was handcrafted to sparkle and shine.


$ 198.00

Our sterling silver moonlight bracelet will glow and illuminate any outfit as it gently dangles from your wrist.


$ 160.00 $ 120.00