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Sterling Silver Braided Filigree Bracelet

Sterling silver braided filigree bracelet handcrafted in Perú. Nearly 27 grams and an inch wide this 925 sterling silver braided filigree bracelet has a bold silver border delicately detailed with filigree braids intertwining from end to end.

Handcrafted by silversmith Rider Fernandez the bracelet is beautiful fine jewelry. Filigree is ornamental work of fine silver wire formed into a delicate branching pattern. The sterling silver braided filigree bracelet appears to have two sets of ornamental ribbon braiding, twisting with each pass under as it crosses from end to end.

Purchase this sterling silver braided filigree bracelet for the woman in your life that deserves quality, substance, and elegance. It will be a gift that is cherished forever.

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Weight 27 g
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 2 in

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